For those 1-minute-53-second breaks.

When I need a work or study break:

Edit: With zero likes and zero comments, this post is a testament to my noob-blogging abilities. At least I get some use out of it, scrolling down and playing the song once in a while.

4 thoughts on “For those 1-minute-53-second breaks.

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  2. Here’s a comment for you: Good GOSH! I have NEVER HEARD or THOUGHT of bacon pancakes!! Where have I been? What a fantastic idea.

    As long as that bacon is crisp, and not that nasty, creepy, glutinous barely-warm remind-one-of-why-one-is -an-almost-vegetarian gel that Southern Californians eat. Ewww.

    I liked the song too, : )

    (For about two seconds : )

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  3. Now that I’ve seen it, it really wasn’t necessary. That is pretty much what I look like when I get drunk enough to allow someone to talk me into getting up on the dance floor and showing my own slick Aspie moves.


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