Planning to Attend the Southern California Writers’ Conference

Apparently, it’s a good idea for authors to go to writing conferences; and, supposedly, these conferences are extra useful for unpublished authors who have polished manuscripts and are still seeking agents (though the chance of actually snagging an agent at a conference is close to nil).

Well, I believe I’ll be going to the Southern California Writers’ Conference in Newport Beach this September. I don’t expect to secure representation, but I’m hoping to clean up my query and learn a few things while meeting other folks in the industry.

Should be fun.


Newport Beach Promenade. Photograph by Patrick Pelster, distributed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

6 thoughts on “Planning to Attend the Southern California Writers’ Conference

  1. I resisted conferences for a long time because of the high price tag, so I did what any sane writer would do…I started my own conference series 🙂 Conferences are really the best way to meet people who will help further your writing career as well as other writer friends who can keep you motivated. Enjoy the conference – it’s totally worth it!

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    • Yes, I’m hoping it’ll be awesome. I have a month and a half to polish my manuscript, query, and synopsis before I throw them at people at the conference. I’m working on draft seven of the manuscript now.


  2. I’m a first time participant as well been in the closet as a writer for a long time . I too thought going to one of these was on the list. I am a little nervous and excited at the same time . I hope this older dog can learn new tricks still. Enjoy .

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