Allegiant as Two Films; Legend as a Graphic Novel

Once again, I’m hearing things a bit late, but here’s some belated news:

1. Veronica Roth’s Allegiant will be split into two films

Tris Prior Shailene Woodley DivergentApparently, this fact was announced four months ago and I totally missed it.

Really, the whole last-book-as-two-films thing isn’t all that new; TwilightHarry Potter and The Hunger Games all did the same. However, as noted by Entertainment Weekly’s Erin Strecker, cutting Allegiant in half may result in “kill[ing] all the suspense” built up in the third film and ultimately result in two lesser movies. She explains that this problem is unique to Allegiant because of the way the book ends.

I think I agree.

I’m not sure the series’ final book has enough content to be spread across two films without severely dampening its entertainment value. Then again, I haven’t read Roth’s other books concerning Four. Maybe those have extra material that can properly fatten up the films.

2. Marie Lu’s Legend series will be made into a graphic novel

Legend Graphic Novel PromoThe announcement about a Legend graphic novel shouldn’t have surprised me as much as it did. Thanks to Lu’s manga-style promo and concept art, I actually imagined Day and June as anime characters while reading the books; I don’t normally do that.

As one might have guessed, Lu won’t be doing the illustrations for the graphic novel herself. That’ll be done by Kaari, and the writing will be adapted by Leigh Dragoon. As you can see to the right (assuming the image is showing up), Kaari gave Day a much needed haircut (coincidentally, he looks more like I imagined him than how Marie Lu drew him).

Note: I stumbled across this Legend news on another blog.

6 thoughts on “Allegiant as Two Films; Legend as a Graphic Novel

    • The first Hobbit film felt a bit more stretched out than the second for me.

      With The Desolation of Smaug, I particularly like the parts involving Bard, and it was fun to see a younger Legolas actually struggle a bit in combat.


  1. I’m sick of the “final book as two movies” thing. For Deathly Hallows, it was almost needed. For the rest, it’s just a cash grab. While Divergent is making for a fairly successful film series, it does not have nearly the trumph as Twilight or The Hunger Games. I’m wondering if this will ultimately hurt the franchise.

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    • Yeah, Deathly Hallows probably needed it the most. I’m not entirely sure about Breaking Dawn, though. I felt like they stretched out a the scene where Jacob imprints to about 500% the length it should’ve been.

      I’m also not totally sold on The Hunger Games requiring two parts. All three books in the series are basically the exact same length, with the same number of chapters (if I recall correctly). However, because there is so much combat in the last book, it’ll probably be easier for them to pull off a proper climax for both parts.

      I guess it’s not so much if they require two parts, but if they can pull it off.


  2. I have finished reading the Divergent series. I am kind of disappointed with the finale. As for Legend…ah, “Day, that guy from the street, just stole my heart.” 🙂


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