Ethereal by KED

Ethereal by KED

My very own hardcover copy of Ethereal.

Leaving home to get to “work” at Barnes, I spotted a package by the door. Finally, my hard-earned contest prize had arrived: my copy of kdaugh1992‘s novel, Ethereal. I actually got an ebook copy of the book and finished reading it a while back, but decided to wait until I got the hardcover to write about it.

Ethereal is a YA novel following seventeen-year-old Reyhan as she embarks on her first mission as Militia, the special ops/intelligence agents of her society, to bring her treasonous sister back home. Things are not as simple as Reyhan is initially believes: there are mysteries to unravel, and a kindhearted boy whose life Reyhan potentially ruins before they even meet.

Some good things about Ethereal: generally, the scene transitions are fluid (not so many jarring flashbacks or forward-jumps as certain bestsellers I’ve read), and the characters’ actions are set up and developed so you aren’t left wondering why they do what they do.

Kat-Daug’s editor missed a few little errors (e.g., capitalization of certain proper nouns).

Overall, I’d like to encourage folks to check out the tense first chapter of Ethereal on Ms. Daugherty’s blog. The book is already available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu.

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