32 thoughts on “Huzzah! New Domain Name

  1. Congrats on claiming your own name on the internet! One question, how much does WordPress charge you for a domain? I got mine for $8 almost a year ago but not from WordPress but from NameCheap.


    • It’s very easy. You can either pay WordPress.com $18-$30 per year for the domain and they take care of the rest or you can buy it from somewhere like NameCheap.com for $8-$10 per year and map the domain to your blog
      Here’s a handy guide how to do it either way:

      From what I found from researching, these are the benefits: Shorter name, easier to remember for people, your blog ranks higher in search engines, you own your own piece of the web and WordPress lets you apply for WordAds, which gives you part of the profit that they make from the Advertisements that they put on your blog.

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  2. Congrats on eliminating the wordpress from the domain – somehow when I did it, it made me feel like a real adult LOL – and thanks so much for checking out one of my posts – I really appreciate it!

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  3. I brought mine with me. It was the first domain name I bought. It has been well used as a voiceover site and blog. now the blog and audiobook site on WP. As A.D said it is a very easy process.

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