Most Compelling Seth MacFarlane Thingies

While driving home and listening to “Majestic” by Wax Fang, I started thinking about how much I loved the episode of American Dad! that exposed me to the song. That is to say, I didn’t love it, but I liked it a lot (okay, maybe I loved it). That also led me to start thinking about what may be my favorite episode of Family Guy.

First off, I’ll say that my general assumption is that most people who come across my blog—people who can read—probably aren’t quite as into Seth MacFarlane created works as I am. Secondly, I want to warn people that this post includes some *SPOILERS* of relatively old episodes of American Dad! and Family Guy.

Anyway, without further BSing, my two favorite episodes from Seth Macfarlane shows are as follows:

1. The “Lost in Space” episode of American Dad!, episode 18 of season 9 (written by Mike Barker, directed by Chris Bennett).

For those of you who don’t know, American Dad! follows the Smith family and their shenanigans, primarily based around the father, Stan Smith, in his role as a patriotic CIA agent. The Smith family includes an extraterrestrial alien named Roger. Prior to this episode, Roger avoids being sent back into space by sending Jeff in his place (Jeff being the stoner-husband of the Smith family’s college-aged daughter, Haley).

Anyway, this episode starts off with Jeff imprisoned in an alien spaceship and is basically sort of the beginning of an Odyssey for Jeff as he tries to get back home to his wife, Haley.

The general entertainment value of the entirety of the episode aside, what made this episode stand out for me was the inclusion of the song “Majestic” by Wax Fang, as well as the way it’s used. Long story short, the alien emperor keeping Jeff imprisoned tells his subjects that love doesn’t exist. Any prisoner who claims to be in love is allowed to go home if he or she can pass a test, namely, having their minds probed publicly by a monster called the Majestic to determine whether they were truly in love or not. Little do the emperor’s subjects know, the emperor is forcing the Majestic to show only bad memories, making people only see how they hurt and neglect the people they supposedly love. Check out the clip of the rigged memory probe (alongside Wax Fang’s video) for yourself:

Of course, Jeff goes on to uncover the fact that the test is rigged and then has the Majestic actually show instances that demonstrates his love for Haley, and starts a revolution among the prisoners.

2. “Brian & Stewie,” episode 17 of season 8 of Family Guy (written by Gary Janetti, directed by Dominic Bianchi)

Brian & StewieThis episode is pretty much just two characters, Brian and Stewie Griffin, stuck in a vault together for 20-something minutes and talking. No one else shows up, and there are no random cutaways that Family Guy is infamous for.

There’s some crude humor involving feces and vomit that I won’t get into, which I think is easily the only bad part about the entire episode. Other than that, though, the rest of the back and forth between the two characters—particularly the more dramatic parts—is pretty much golden.

After watching this episode on Netflix, I immediately Googled it to see if other people loved it as much as I did and, apparently, the reviews are highly polarized: some people love it, and some people hate it.

3. Honorable Mention: “Vanessa” musical number from The Cleveland Show in “Jesus Walks,” episode 19 of season 3.

This song features Fergie and Darren Criss (of Glee fame) with Kevin Michael Richardson (the voice of Cleveland Brown Jr.) and, well, I just liked the melody.

Oh, and I also enjoyed the movie Ted and, to a lesser extent, A Million Ways to Die in the West.

12 thoughts on “Most Compelling Seth MacFarlane Thingies

  1. Good Morning.. I found the world of ‘cartoon’ a safe haven for those so gifted to tell the truth when none dared.. during the darkest of times.. I mean.. how do you prosecute Bryan.. I esp loved the one where. Peter wakes to find A G won the election.. good post.. thanks for reading…. Peace Tony


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