Help Mah! Looking for Beta Readers for MS #1

Beta Readers Wanted - A.D. MartinUpdate 2/26: Not currently looking for any more beta readers at this time. Feel free to keep in touch, though. I’ll inevitably need more beta readers in the future.

Hello Dorks and Non-dorks (you know who you are),

I’m looking for more beta readers to give me feedback on my novel, Remnant of Us, and help me make draft fourteen as awesome as possible before I send out one last set of query letters. Yeah, I’m finally publicly revealing the title to my manuscript which I’ve had for months, and also releasing a little blurb about it over on my My Novels page (feel free to send me politely worded emails with feedback on the blurb).

Preferably, beta readers are those who: already enjoy the genre; can give me substantial feedback about the plot, pacing, and feasibility in my novel; and has enough free time or reads fast enough to get back to me within two weeks or less (but, I’m flexible on the time).

If you’re interested in beta reading Remnant of Us, let me know by email through admartinwriting[at] (replacing the [at] with @), or my twitter account @AD_Martin_ (in which case, you’d have to provide an email for me to correspond with). If you can, please provide a little background information about yourself and the kinds of books, TV shows, or films you enjoy, and how quickly you think you can read a 76,000 word manuscript.

Thanks, A.D. Martin

Just earlier today, I noticed a writer whose blog I follow ask for beta reader volunteers from her blogging/Twitter network and it seemed like a great idea. So, here were are.

4 thoughts on “Help Mah! Looking for Beta Readers for MS #1

  1. Hi, A.D. I’m intrigued – why your ‘last’ set of query letters? I’d be very happy to take a look, though it’s not my preferred genre. I don’t think I could read it in two weeks, though. Would you be interested in sending me the ‘agent package’ – i.e. query, synopsis and first three chapters? I could certainly get back to you on that before too long. If so, you can contact me through my blog. All the best!


  2. ;/

    “Sixteen-year-old Edie Fisher’s visions lets her see things before they happen. When the visions start being accompanied by a head-splitting ringing, Edie joins an expedition into the former United States to find a research facility that might explain her abilities and stop the headaches.”

    Wouldn’t it be better to write ‘SHE joins an ….” instead of repeating her name again since we figure the open paragraph belongs to her already.


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