NaNo 2015 and Stuff


notsurewhatnanoisFinally signed up for Nano with the intent of “winning” (i.e., having 50,000 words written for a new manuscript by the end of November). Let’s hope something good comes out of it.

Rejection, Huzzah

I received my first politely worded rejection letter from The New Yorker for a short story I sent in.

Chris Pratt Tried to Dream-murder Me

Last night, I had a dream in which Chris Pratt dressed as his character from Jurassic World tried to kill me, but I couldn’t die just yet because I still had to conceive Luke and Leia with some woman who definitely wasn’t Padme. Then, the dream sort of reset and Chris Pratt was trying to save me while I ran away from some explosion with a baby and one of my writer group friends.


18 thoughts on “NaNo 2015 and Stuff

  1. Sounds pretty straightforward, that dream. Things like that happen.

    I love the photo. His expression says it so well – and that situation is pretty familiar. In fact some organisations and movements live on promoting terms that sound like they mean a lot and then getting enough people to talk knowingly about them, so someone who asks what they mean is viewed as “not in the loop”.

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  2. 1. Good luck!
    2. Honestly, that’s pretty impressive. Usually they don’t bother giving formal rejections for TNY. Lack of response is supposed to be taken as rejection, so I’ve heard. The fact that they thought you were worth replying to means you were probably close. I know – it’s still frustrating to be rejected, no matter how close you might have been.
    3. That is an amazing dream, lol.

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  3. So… did you by any chance fall asleep with the TV on after eating a whole pizza after 10pm? Not that I am judging. You do what you have to do to come up with story ideas.

    I too am as impressed by aetherhouse. I have been rejected more than a few times by way of no response. An actual rejection letter means you at least had someone on the line even if they didn’t bite.

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