Kyle from Last Man Standing = Jeff from American Dad


A few episodes into Last Man Standing, I realized the character of Kyle Anderson reminded me a lot of Jeff Fischer on American Dad!. They’re both super-nice and kindhearted, have similar amounts of facial hair, are loyal partners to their women, have a noticeable lack of wit, are partial to Hackey Sack, and are more likable than most of the people around them. Oh, and I guess they’re both twenty-something white guys.

Of course, they’re not exactly the same, but listing differences doesn’t seem as fun.

After pointing out the similarity of these characters to my girlfriend, I jumped onto Google to see if anyone has written about it. Finding nothing, I decided I’d write this myself. My best guess as to why no one else has noted this (in an easily Googled space) is because the shows seem to appeal to different demographics (or, you know, something to do with American Dad!‘s recent ratings).

American Dad!, like other Seth MacFarlane shows, leans liberal and has a mostly “young” male audience. Last Man Standing is a bit closer to center thanks to a balance between Tim Allen’s conservative views and a somewhat-left writing room, and it’s probably more appealing to “older” folks (I watch it because I loved Home Improvement as a kid—whether or not I’m “old” may be up for debate). Ironically, the “liberal” American Dad! is probably less PC than the “conservative” Last Man Standing.

Back to my point: People who know Jeff Fischer have probably never heard of Kyle Anderson, and vice versa. Then there are weirdos like me who enjoy both shows and use Google to see if people notice the same crap I do.


7 thoughts on “Kyle from Last Man Standing = Jeff from American Dad

  1. My girl likes to watch Last Man Standing and I immediately recognized Kyle as Jeff from American Dad. Saw an episode where Tim Allen and Kyle follow the daughter… So what kind of vehicle does Kyle drive…? A VW Bus no less! And then Kyle starts dating the daughter at some point. It’s blatantly obvious they borrowed the happy-go-lucky, never angry, eager beaver hippie that’s dating the daughter bit from American Dad. Best part of the show though, I mean, the rest of the show is pretty terrible. Tim Allen is ok I guess. Anyway, I ask Google everything too. That’s how I found this article.

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  2. I noticed it too! So funny how people like us put two & two together 😂😊 even though it’s not the same actor, they could be long lost brothers 😂

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  3. This is awesome. My husband and I literally just made this connection tonight as we watch Last man standing and also came on to google to see if we were just buggin’. Lol. Also, don’t forget that both Jeff and Kyle own a van that looks sort of hippy-ish.

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