Well, so much for that.

It’s been almost a year since I last posted anything here. Apparently, whatever I wrote about became cursed.

Defenders fell victim to the Snap


My last post was about which Marvel Netflix shows I found most enjoyable. Since then, every single one of those shows have been cancelled. Agh. At least the last seasons for Daredevil and Punisher were good. Now I’m trusting Melissa Rosenberg, Krysten Ritter, and the Jessica Jones team to deliver a just-as-awesome final season for JJ to end with a bang.

Since filming wrapped before cancellations were announced, they probably didn’t squeeze cameos of the other Defenders into JJ’s last season. Still, I’m crossing my fingers someone worked some producer magic. Well, as long as we’re wishing for things, it’d be nice if all these shows found new homes on other platforms (with the same continuity and actors).

My writing also fell victim to the Snap

Around this time last year I also posted about how I would be writing regularly. That didn’t happen. I did some writing, sure, but I didn’t get very far on my primary work-in-progress. So much wasted time!

My local Panera… yes, also fell victim to the Snap

In the aforementioned post, I had an image of the Panera where I did a lot of my writing. It was a Panera that used to be the venue of a writing meetup and critique group I attended regularly. Since that post, this particular Panera closed down.

So sad.

BUT I’m still writing, finished my writing certificate, and am not simply being lazy!

Despite the negatives above, there are some bits of not-horrible news.

Recently (aka in the last week or two), I’ve been writing more and hope to maintain some momentum. Of course, this happened partially because I’m currently between projects in my other career, but I believe I can keep feeding the writing habit even when I get busy with other obligations.

Also, a while ago I finished the requisite coursework and received my Certificate in Fiction Writing from UCLA Extension. It goes nicely with my B.A. in English from UCLA. Makes me think I should’ve focused on creative writing when I was an undergrad, but as I’m come to realize: I may be reasonably smart, but I don’t make wise decisions. In Dungeons & Dragons terms, I have high Intelligence and low Wisdom.


While I was busy not writing over the past year I’ve been working more at my day job (need to pay the rent) and have built a fairly solid foundation. Hopefully, if I can establish more stability with my other career, I’ll be able to schedule more time for writing.

Let’s do this.

Captain Marvel

5 thoughts on “Well, so much for that.

  1. Congratulations on receiving your certificate. I also have a BA in English from UCLA, and I did concentrate on Creative Writing. It still took me years to write anything saleable. Degrees, certificates, they’re all good, but in the end it’s up to you.

    Good luck, and go Bruins!

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    • It seems someone (i.e., Disney) would have to pay Netflix for the rights to use these characters in film/TV within a certain time span or wait until the time lapses for Netflix (I believe someone said something about two years). At that point, it’ll depend on whether they can regather the talent and if the MCU hasn’t changed entirely.

      At least that’s what I cobbled together from random articles a while ago.

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