Game Dev Update #3

I’m still learning JavaScript fundamentals. The idea was to learn enough to make simple plugins for RPG Maker MV, but I might further expand my JS skills with a few (very small) projects before choosing another language to focus on (something more commonly used for video games, like C++, Java, or C# for Unity).

Not long ago, I finished Module 3 for the Hack Reactor/Galvanize prep material, and I’ve gotten through a good portion of the final prep module: Module TAA. This last module is supposed to prepare you to take the Technical Admissions Assessment so you can get into Hack Reactor’s paid classes, but I probably won’t be going that route.

Instead, I’m going to attempt some simple projects on my own (maybe with the help of a book or tutorial first).

Browsing the internet (reddit, specifically), I found this blog entry: “Why Learning to Code is so Damn Hard.” I think it presents a fairly realistic forecast of learning to code, involving an abundance of confusion and doubt. It’s good to know what to expect.

Let’s see what happens.

Take it easy,


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