Waiting for RPG Maker MZ

Well, here’s another post that’ll be gibberish to most (non RPG Maker) people:

I started making my customize-as-much-as-possible project a while ago intending to use RPG Maker MV as the engine. I learned beginner JavaScript, created custom art assets, and began experimenting with JS to make custom plugins for MV. After months of this, however, I learned about the impending release of RPG Maker MZ: the next iteration in the RPG Maker series.

MZ will presumably have features that make it superior to MV. Though people are understandably skeptical of early release bugs, I’m going to jump right into it. Some features they’ve announced seem worthwhile (e.g., manual map layering, event lists), but the most appealing features are the built-in auto-save function and supposedly improved mouse and touchscreen UI (features more for the end-user of the games we produce). I probably could have created a plugin to jury rig my own auto-save system in MV, but if they’re going to include it in MZ along with their other new features, I’ll take it.

So while I’m waiting for MZ’s release on 8/20/2020, I’ll be setting my “fully” customized game aside and, instead, working on a game utilizing almost entirely RTP on RPG Maker MV (RTP = the default assets provided by RPG Maker). I’ll try to create a “complete” game using RTP before MZ comes out.

The point of this RTP project is to get used to certain tools in RPG Maker MV which will likely be similar to the tools available in MZ; to get some experience in level design and utilizing “complex” events. Hopefully, it’ll also result in an entertaining little game.

A little screenshot from the RTP work-in-progress.

Thankfully, RPG Maker MZ’s art asset dimensions seem like they will be unchanged from MV’s, so all of the art assets I’ve created for my MV project can easily be repurposed for use in MZ.

Now the biggest question is if I can actually complete my RTP project before the 20th. I intended it to be a short and simple game, but I might have gotten over ambitious with allowing player choices (played a lot of Witcher 3 during the start of quarantine).

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