About Me

Intentionally UnnamedI’m a writer playing with novels and short stories. My interests include both genre and literary fiction. You can read a bit about my current projects here (note: that page is kind of outdated; I’ll have to fix that sometime).

As a kid, I spent too much time in front of the TV and played tons of video games, all of which I used as inspiration (i.e, I ripped them off gratuitously) for the comics I drew until the age of twelve. At thirteen, I made my first horrible attempt at writing a novel and, like many attempted novels to come, I scrapped that project after twenty-thousand words. I didn’t write much during my years in higher education. However, as an English major at UCLA, I read a ton of literature, and I basically used law school as an excuse to travel the world.

At the moment, I’m a handful of years into my careers as an attorney and novelist. We’ll see how this goes.

Contact me at admartinwriting[at]gmail[dot]com (obviously, you’ll have to swap out the bracketed bits with the @ symbol).