Major Influences

Below are all my posts to date concerning things that have been major influences on me (and many of my generation) creatively and otherwise. Lots of television, some video games, and books. Yeah, I like a lot of popular stuff.

#1: Old School TV: What’s “old school” is subjective; to me, it means some kid shows and the adventures of Al Bundy.

#2: TGIF Sitcoms: A slew of TGIF comedy mainstays, and a non-TGIF show I should’ve included in my fourth “major influences” post.

#3: Anime (アニメ): Though I don’t watch all that much anime anymore, anime has left some lasting impressions.

#4: The WB (The CW): Teen drama, vampires, and super-powered aliens.

#5: Shows with Characters Ages 25+: From irreverent comedies to gritty dramas, these shows have helped to shape my sense of humor and my feel for scene tension.

#6: Post-Atari and Pre-Wii Video Games: Storytelling through an interactive medium as well as a whole mess of different themes covering adventure, quirky humor, love stories, and crazy spy stuff.

#7: Hobbits, White Walkers, War Wizards, and a Circle of Magic: Fantasy novels, basically.