My WIP Novels

Last Updated: 6/11/2020

Currently focusing on:

UNTITLED VIDEO GAME PROJECT. I’m using RPG Maker MV as the engine/design tool, but trying to create entirely custom assets and learn enough javascript to substantially customize the game (essentially so most folks wouldn’t be able to tell it was made on RPG Maker. I’d classify the game as a simulation RPG.

Other projects:

REMNANT OF US, YA Science Fiction. Technically post-apocalyptic and in the middle of a major re-write. I finished a manuscript using these characters and general world before which had mild agent interest, but the current overhauls is drastic so it’ll be essentially a different book.

HUNT ME, Supernatural/Urban Fantasy. Started as a NaNoWriMo project. Spawned some decent ideas and was re-drafted a few times.

ZERO-SUM HERO, Superhero. Much of the brainstorming for this one was done while going through the UCLA Extension courses to obtain a Certificate in Fiction. My work on this made me a semi-finalist in the James Kirkwood Prize, though I think I only got that far due to technical writing knowledge than the actual awesomeness of the work (I think that makes sense).

Right now I’m focusing on the video game project, but I haven’t given up on these writing projects (although whether they’ll end up being scripts or novels is now up in the air).

To Monterigionni

Photo I took of a path to Monterigionni (i.e., Ezio’s hideout in Assassin’s Creed II).