Game Dev Update #4

So on my tangential mission to learn enough JavaScript to make custom menus in RPG Maker MV, I finished the free JS materials on Codecademy and all the free prep material on Galvanize/Hack Reactor.

Now it’s time for tutorials and attempts at simple projects from scratch (or making that RPG Maker plugin, which was the whole point in learning any JS to begin with).

Yesterday, I used the tutorials on to make a simple game where you fly around as Supergirl while avoiding fireballs which chase you around. I used the script they provided as a base and tweaked it to figure how things work a little more.

Instead of making a side-scrolling game with obstacles constantly coming from the right per the tutorial’s instructions, I used a random number generator to make fireballs show up from random sides of the screen (and, if you survive long enough, bigger fireballs start showing up from the corners).

Since this was just a learning experiment, I didn’t bother making my own art assets. I took three images found via Google searches: (1) Melissa Benoist as Supergirl (I shrunk the image substantially and made the background transparent) to fly around as the player character; (2) a fireball from by a person called Angry Frog; and (3) a cropped image of Metropolis (by Kerem Gogus).

Also didn’t bother changing the Score mechanics provided by w3schools (it basically gives you points for surviving), but I moved the display to the top left.

Not going to bother making this game available to play since it’s not very good. It’s really not “finished,” either. I didn’t get through all of w3school’s tutorial material yesterday. I’ll probably finish that up soon, adding features to this so-called game. Then I’ll move onto the next project.

Take it easy, folks.