Agent Query Critiques; Get Your Kyratique

Accueil Scribe Public Domain ImageKyra Nelson has read a sizeable amount of agent query letters from hopeful authors over her one-and-a-half years of interning for a literary agency (where she still works). She started her blog, Thoughts From the Agent Desk not long ago, on which she posts critiques on queries that are sent to her for public feedback.

I’ve read most of Kyra’s critiques and I think she provides rather useful information. This type of feedback is invaluable for novelists seeking representation. Really, when it comes to your query and manuscript, I think the general rule is: the more feedback, the better.

If you’re looking for help on your query letter, I’d suggest you: (1) draft a query letter and clean it up; (2) read Kyra’s previous critiques and apply what you learn to your current query; (3) then submit your query to Kyra for a critique; and (4) then find even more people to critique your query.

Note: Kyra is particularly into superheroes; do with that what you will.

Anyway, I’ve got some heavy editing of my manuscript to do before I draft my awesome query. Good times.

First Post: Working on Draft Six of the Novel

Accueil Scribe Public Domain ImageHello to people with too much time on their hands and other random folks.

While scouring the internet for advice on finding a literary agent and becoming published, I’ve heard it might be a good idea to establish some sort of social media presence on twitter, facebook, blogs, and the like even before securing an agent.  So, here I am.

I’m working on draft six of my novel right now at a Barnes and Noble.  My novel currently weighs in at 75,343 words; it’s been fluctuating around 80,000 words since I finished draft one however many months ago.  To start draft six, I’m ripping apart chapter one and pasting it back together to try to make the book more compelling from the get-go.

On this edit run, I also plan to make the two protagonists’ story arcs more cohesive.  After some feedback from a fellow writer who read over my agent query, I did some brainstorming and came up with a few things to add to the plot that will, hopefully, tie the protagonists closer together.