Assigned Myself Some Reading

So, I haven’t been reading enough and have decided to assign myself a bunch of books to get through. These books will include “new” literary novels, literature I accumulated as an English major, and a bit of genre fiction.

infinite jest coverFirst up, thanks to Josh Radnor’s Liberal Arts and the fact that Barnes & Noble keeps displaying this book so prominently, is David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. I’m already some pages into the book and have formed some shallow and tentative opinions. The length of the thing wasn’t intimidating to me, having read my share of fantasy novels, but the prose has been interesting to adapt to.

The Plan: Burn through some newer literary works, then get back to Kerouac and Shakespeare (or someone else from the before times) for one book/play each before moving on to what I think would be my first steampunk novel.

Barnes & Noble Cafe Seats Rant

There are way too many people taking up cafe tables at my local Barnes & Noble without purchasing a single drink. I’m generally fine with it when the place is half empty, but it’s bad etiquette to sit there at your drink-less table when paying customers are waiting for a spot (and it’s also against store policy). It’s extra annoying when these groups of two or three people can’t pool the money to purchase a $2 drink when they seem like they can easily afford it (well, they look pretty well off with their ipads and macbooks).

I miss the overzealous cafe supervisor who walked around and reminded people of the store policy every thirty minutes. That guy was awesome. Come back, hipster-glasses dude!

And in the time I took to write this stupid rant, two tables beside me opened upoh, well, one’s taken now. Now it’s empty again ’cause I can’t find a suitable image for this post. Oh, wait, someone else showed up.

Photo by Luigi Novi, distributed under CC BY 3.0.

Photo by Luigi Novi, distributed under CC BY 3.0.