Be Insulted by a French Robot via Google Translate

This robot thinks you're a jerk.

This robot thinks you’re a jerk.

I copied and pasted some text from a WIP novel into Google Translate to see how the text-to-speech would sound.

It sounded exactly as expected in English: a robotic female voice, with some robot pronunciation quirks. Midway through the reading, I accidentally switched to another language (causing Google to use a different language’s robot-voice to read the English text). Then, I heard an approximation of English being spoken in a foreign accent.

Maybe I’m just sleep-deprived and bored, but I thought it was pretty funny.

Give it a try. Go to Google Translate, select French on the left side, type “you are a jerk” and click on the speaker button to hear a female Parisian robot insult you in English (or just click this, the text input box, and the speaker button). See if you don’t at least laugh in your head.

Ah, what a tremendous waste of time.