Game Dev Update #2

All right, I finished Module 1 of Galvanize’s free prep materials. Module 0 taught fundamental building blocks, and Module 1 was the practice of those fudnamentals.

The next step (Module 2, obviously) is supposed to teach “software engineering principles, pair programming, [and] readability of code,” according to the introduction. The lessons from this module is intended to be applicable to coding in any language, not only JavaScript. Kind of a best practices sort of deal, I suppose.

Finishing the exercises in Modules 0 and 1 have been somewhat satisfying. Kind of like figuring out math problems back in grade school (assuming you’re the type of person to find that satisfying).

So far, the exercises have been mildly challenging. A handful were more than mild (although one was made superficially challenging due to a technical issue with my browser/interface more so than the coding exercise itself).

I may or may not take a break from the Galvanize modules to try to create a simple plugin or two on RPG Maker MV. Otherwise, I may finish Module 2 and 3 completely before I give that a go.

Will have to see.

If anyone actually happens to be reading this, I hope you have a nice day.